Created in 2021, STEMCYCLES is a non-profit organization that focuses on STEM teaching and training. Our mission is to provide industry-level knowledge to underrepresented students in the STEM field, thus allowing them to foster a solid foundation on which we can help build upon from K-12 and beyond. This will provide students with an assortment of skill sets and influential connections indispensable to their success … then, we repeat the Cycle!


STEM is one of the largest growing fields not only in the USA but around the globe. With all of the different possibilities that STEM provides, it is vital everyone has access to high-value STEM teaching and training. Granting this to children underrepresented in the field or lack adequate resources to obtain this information allows for a new wave of students to see STEM as an achievable dream for the future. Not only is this tremendously beneficial for our mentees, but also the field as a whole.


STEM is a field where technical skills are only a piece of the pie. The ability to effectively communicate your ideas to others is critical to being a well-rounded talent. Because of this, a lot of thought has gone into the development of our teaching and training process. Through our FIRST Robotics Program and the design of our cultivation camps, catering to multiple learning styles, we can create an environment where students can thrive. Aside from progressing their technical skills, which are imperative, students will develop their soft skills and build connections to excel them forward in whichever field they pursue.


Trinity Force is our initiative to get female students more involved in the robotics field. Participating under the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) banner, our all-girls robotics team competes in different complex challenges every year with teams from around the world. Students develop skills such as problem-solving and troubleshooting, all while in a healthy team-building environment.


Our cultivation camps provide underrepresented students in STEM access to high-quality teaching and training. Students ranging from K-12th grade can participate in 1-2 week camps focused on topics like basic circuits, intro to programming, and robotics. The goal is to provide students with an experience that drives them to continue in STEM and equip them with a solid foundation to do so.




Becoming a corporate sponsor for STEMCYCLES would mean helping us in providing more resources for underrepresented students to participate in STEM. Funding both the acceleration of our Robotics and Cultivation Camp initiatives. Play a huge part in helping us reach our goal!



One way to get involved in something that you believe in is to help by volunteering. Opportunities open up both through our Robotics and cultivation camp programs which we would love to have volunteers. Every volunteer plays a vital part in helping students to develop in all areas!



Donations play a huge part in our efforts to provide teaching and training to students underrepresented in the STEM field. Every donation helps to ensure that these students can receive the highest quality tools to thrive. Thank you for supporting the future of STEM!